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This is where the activities started on this site (ESP32-Web Server), You need to login before taking any action. If you do not have a profile yet, click "Create new profile". When finished all,please click on logout.

- Activate:
Activate the device.
- Create New Profile:
Create new account to access profile (All information in the previous profile will be deleted permanently).
- Login / Logout:
Access profile by login.
- Your Profile:
change login information, avata logo, logo name, Enable profile protection.
- Action planning:
UART port configuration and RTCM / NMEA transmit / receive operations.

- Detail Planning:

Set detail configuration for connections (which will be select in Action Planning).

- Debug / Log Viewer:

Change display type, active log viewer, simple debugging.

The above is a short introduction, click here for detailed instructions on the device support website.